Knowledge Exchange project with partners The Stable Foundation in Poland and Station in Denmark.

The programme prepares young people (<30) to be changemakers, designers and leaders in regenerated areas. During 18 months of intensive, educational and practical workshops, we designed and implement two services supporting the urban renewal by social inclusion, created a publication and a handbook, and hosted a conference and workshops.



Co-design Your Place was created to encourage involvement of youth in designing and facilitating activities in regenerated local areas. Due to the lack of substantive and practical preparation, nowadays young people are not involved in the planning and implementing initiatives carried out by public administration and private entities in such areas. In our view, they have a great potential to support and have a significant influence on the change in places which need be creatively redesigned regarding the implementation of new functions. Additionally, they have the potential to strengthen the community engagement, based on its identity, history and community participation, in the spirit of social responsibility and sustainable development.

This 18 month project funded by Erasmus+ involved young adults from UAL, Denmark and Poland to become changemakers, designers and leaders in regenerated areas and to create social impact and community engagement through innovation. Over a period of 12 months the 18 young people were involved in intensive, educational and practical workshops in London, Copenhagen and Siemianowice Śląskie to co-design and implement three services supporting urban renewal by social inclusion.

The project culminated with an international conference in February 2021 where the changemakers had the opportunity to present their projects, and the handbook was launched.