Good Help for Families in Camden After Covid19

A project to define what good family help looks like after Covid, commissioned by and co-designed with Becca Dove, Head of Family Support and Complex Families in Camden.

Led by Dr. Silvia Grimaldi of the Service Futures Lab, collaborating with Prof Adam Thorpe from Public Collaboration Lab who facilitated the parnership, Veron Lai who led the unit, Megha Wadhawan, Dr Hena Ali and Henrietta Ross who taught on the unit.

The methods used span service design, co-design, policy, futures, systems, design vision, design justice.

In January to March 2021, during lockdown 3, two service designers guided by the academic team and the Head of Family support worked with parent changemakers to develop a vision of good help in Camden. Service Design and Data Visualisation postgraduate students worked with the service designers, the parent changemakers and a range of stakeholders and experts to define what good family help looks like after Covid, and envision how services will need to adapt to fit the parents' vision.

The project has been used as an exemplar of how people can be involved in co-designing government policy across local and national government departments.

Impact report coming soon.

We worked with a thoroughly inspiring group of Changemaker Parents from Camden, who, facilitated by Angela Tam and Laura Leahy (recent graduates and interns at Camden Council), designed a vision of Good Help for Camden Families after covid, and a manifesto.

Here’s the parents’ story:

Students built on this vision of good help and manifesto to create service proposals relating to three areas: Service Transformation, Disruptive Design and Policy, and Reimagining the Future.

See all the student proposals here

The students' journey:

If you have an hour on your hands, this is our presentation to senior leaders from Camden Council, national charities and bodies, working towards implementing the vision and the Service Design proposals.